Our Leadership

Martha Pino. Founder/CEO.


Martha is an online business developer, a real estate developer, an investor, a self-published author, an online TV-host, a business woman, a good friend, unconditional mother and a loving partner. She loves to create successful businesses, to develop new projects, to meet new people and help everyone as much as possible to achieve their own dreams.

She brings passion and vision to RATV Network. Her idea of teaching people to create wealth around the world is her drive every day. “The MORE we share, the MORE we HELP” is her motto. Everyone deserve to live at their very,very BEST!. Everyone has a wonderful story that will inspire millions of people. Everyone has million dollar ideas. Everyone has a genius inside. Everyone has a creative soul that makes us so special and unique. Everyone deserve to live the life of their dreams!

If you want to know more about her, simply watch her TV-shows, read her blog, connect with her on Facebook and visit her website: www.mspino.com

Martha spends her time traveling, enjoying fine dining, walking on the beaches of the world and teaching people how to create lifetime transformation and change in their lives by sharing their own story online.

Vianca Pino. Co-Founder/Partner.


As the Co-Founder of RATV Network, a video & livestream affiliate company based in Miami Lakes, Florida, Vianca is an active partner bringing her great sense of humour, her passion to help others, her diligent attitude to make things work efficiently. She spends a significant portion of time traveling with Ms. Pino, spending quality time in the field with leaders and customers.

Vianca has over 15 years of business and entrepreneurship experience. At home, her passion is cooking and listening to music.

To learn more about Vianca, visit her website: www.viancatv.com and see her videos, shows and read her blog.

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